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  • Mother's Special Day

    Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world. Here in the U.S. it is celebrated May 13, 2018.Time to start thinking of what beautiful floral arrangement to give mom for all she’s done for you.

    Classic, smart, sophisticated: If these words describe your mom to a T, then the rose is for her. The rose can also mean different things depending on which color bloom you choose. For instance, yellow roses represent friendship, while pink roses mean "appreciation and admiration."

    Much like roses, tulips come in different colors, each with its own meaning. Purple tulips represent royalty, and pink tulips mean "caring."

    If your mom is high-energy, a joy to be around, a major source of inspiration for you, then grab her a bouquet of lilies. Stargazer lilies are perfect for ambitious moms, day lilies represent enthusiasm, Casablanca lilies mean "celebration" and calla lilies are the go-to for regal mamas.


    Peonies may not be one of the most common flowers for Mother's Day (they're more popular for weddings), but they sure are beautiful. The Society of American Florists says peonies represent healing, but Teleflora explains that they also signify honor and richness.

    Imaginative, quirky, funny, trendsetter: If any of these words describe your mom, then her floral equivalent is the orchid. Technically, the orchid means "delicate beauty" — you're probably the best judge of whether your mom would be thrilled or pissed by that comparison.

    We see these flowers everywhere, but did you have any idea this is what they're called? These are alstroemerias, and they're perfect for moms who are poised, refined, passionate and love surprises. Alstroemeria means "aspiring."

    Last but not least, the carnation: the flower that symbolizes love, which explains that pink carnations in particular mean "a mother's undying, eternal love."


    Easter, which is also known as Easter Sunday, is one of the oldest Christian holidays. Flowers are typically used for decorating homes and churches or they are given as a gift. These flowers are generally as varied as dyed Easter eggs, and are just as colorful. Popular Easter flowers are pastel in color and have some significant meaning that is associated with the Easter holiday. Common flowers include lilies, daffodils, tulips and hydrangeas.


    When it comes to Easter, lilies are often some of the first flowers that come to mind. There are many different types of lilies that can be given as gifts or used in Easter bouquets. They come in various sizes and colors such as yellow, pink, orange and even speckled. The most popular lily for this type of year is the Easter lily, which is also known as the Bermuda lily. This flower symbolizes virtue, hope and innocence and is frequently included in Easter bouquets and arrangements. The petals of the Easter lily are white and are often referred to as the “white robed apostles of hope.” The Easter lily made its way to the United States in the early 20th century when a World War I soldier brought bulbs back with him in his suitcase.


    Daffodils are a spring blooming flower that is commonly associated with Easter and Easter bouquets. They originate from Portugal and Spain and stand for spring, rebirth and eternal life. Daffodils are easily recognizable by their color and shape. The most easy to identify daffodils are various shades of yellow, although white daffodils are also fairly common in some areas. They have six petals that have a trumpet like shape that extends from the center of them. The trumpet may be the same, or a different color than the petals. For example, certain types of daffodils may have white petals, but a yellow trumpet.


    Tulips are a teacup shaped flower that originates from Persia and Turkey, where they were often worn in turbans. They are beautiful flower to give someone for Easter. Europeans named the flower tulip after the word turban because of the similarities between the appearance of the flower and turbans. The flower then became increasingly popular in the Netherlands during the 17th century. This popularity was the start of what was known as “tulipomania.” Tulips have several meanings. The meanings that are most closely associated with Easter are that they represent the rebirth of spring and the perfect love. Further meaning for the flower depends on the color. White flowers for example, are a sign of worthiness and forgiveness. On the other hand, yellow tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts while red tulips mean true love. At Easter, tulips can be given as a potted plant or included with other flowers in a floral arrangement.


    Hydrangeas are a type of plant that has large spherical shaped flower heads that bloom in the spring months. They come in a variety of different pastel colors, such as pink, yellow, blue and lavender, and are an ideal flower for Easter. White hydrangeas in particular, are also a popular flower for Easter floral arrangements. These flowers symbolize gratefulness for someone’s understanding or they may also mean that something is sincerely heartfelt. The name of these flowers comes from the Greek words for water and jug. Hydrangeas originate from southern and eastern Asia, although they are also quite common in both North and South America. They are also often associated with the Southern United States.





    We’re officially in the love month and that means Valentine’s day is right around the corner. if your tired of the same old date night routine here are my suggestions for an entire weekend of romance.

    Whether you want to stay cozy by the fire or take a mini getaway, here are a few checklists to help make sure you’re weekend of love goes smoothly - so you can focus on what’s really important:

    If you want a sweet and sizzling stay at home:


    Before the date prep:


    1.Go out and get hot chocolate ingredients (scroll down for my recipie!)



    2.Buy some new pjs (bonus points if they have hearts on them!)



    3.Order our breathtaking rose arrangement and get them delivered!



    At home:


    1.Put the kids to sleep


    1. Light some candles


    1. Play some soft background music


    1. Make some hot chocolate


    1. Sit next to the fireplace in your new pjs!










    If you want a romantic rendezvous

    Before the date prep:



    1. Make some hot chocolate and put into two canteens (scroll down for my recipie!)


    1. Order and pickup some award-winning roses


    1. Call one of Westchester’s many indoor ice skating rinks and ask about reservations



    At the date:



    1. Take your s.o. to the ice skating rink


    1. Take a break from the ice to have some warm hot chocolate


    1. Give your s.o. those beautiful flowers








    If you want a romantic rendezvous



    Before the date prep:



    1. Make some hot chocolate and put into two canteens (scroll down for my recipie!)



    1. Order and pickup some award-winning roses



    1. Call one of Westchester’s many indoor ice skating rinks and ask about reservations



    At the date:



    1. Take your s.o. to the ice skating rink


    1. Take a break from the ice to have some warm hot chocolate


    1. Give your s.o. those beautiful flowers


  • Mr. Bokay's Valentine Bundles

    Valentine's Date Bundles

    Excited to celebrate this Valentine's Day, but not sure where to start? I've decided to play Cupid this year and put together these romantic bundles to help guide the way:




    For the wholesome homebodies:


    1.Grab a bottle of you & yours' favorite bottle of wine


    2.Order a pizza from one of Westchester's savory Italian restaurants


    3.Because you aren't paying for travel expenses I recommend one of our lavish premium arrangements, such as the My Passionate Love Rose Bouquet













    For the complete-each-other couples:


    1.Go out for a romantic dinner in Westcheste

    2.I recommend a dozen roses in hand, it will be perfect (for this, just call the shop at (800) 350-7251, give them the pick-up time, and they'll have them ready when you arrive!)













    For the fathers to their daughters:


    1.Grab one of our in-house special chocolate assortments


    2.Write them a letter telling them how proud you are of them!


    3.I recommend a bouquet of lilies for your special girl (for this, just call the shop at (800) 350-7251, give them the pick-up time, and they'll have them ready when you arrive!)





    Looking for something sweet to make your s.o this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re staying in our going out, this recipe is going to sweeten up the day:


    Shopping list for hot cocoa

    • Cocoa powder (3 tablespoons)
    • Whole milk (3 cups)
    • Semisweet chocolate chips (6 ounces)
    • Granulated sugar (3 tablespoons)

    Shopping list for whipped cream

    • Heavy cream (1 cup)
    • Powdered sugar (2 tablespoon)
    • Vanilla extract (1/2 teaspoon)
    • Heart shaped sprinkles


    Whipped cream instructions: PREPARE FIRST

    1. Pour Heavy whipping cream into a small/medium sized bowl
    2. Add powdered sugar
    3. Add just one tap of vanilla extract
    4. Whip until stiff peaks form
    5. Leave out or put in fridge while you make hot cocoa

    Hot cocoa instructions:

    1. Bring ¾ cup water to a simmer in medium saucepan over medium-heat
    2. Whisk in the cocoa powder, until there are no chocolate lumps
    3. Add milk, bring to simmer again
    4. Whisk in chocolate chips and sugar until consistency is smooth and blended

    Cook time:  About 5 minutes


    1. Pour into a mug
    2. Add a gracious amount of homemade whipped cream
    3. Top with heart-shaped sprinkles


    P.S. - For a little extra love:

    - Before pouring the hot cocoa, coat the rim of the mug with red and pink sprinkles!

    Cook time:  About 5 minutes


  • Take this Quiz and Find Out Which Flowers to Buy on Valentine’s Day!

    Which drink would they prefer?

    A) Latte

    B) Tea

    C) Cold-pressed Juice


    How would you describe them?

    A) Confident

    B) Sweet

    C) Exciting


    What is a word to describe their dream date?

    A) Luxurious

    B) Homemade

    C) Adventurous


    What is their idea of exercise?

    A) Shopping

    B) Yoga

    C) Gym



    If you got mostly A’s...

    You got Romantic Rose! Loving to be treated like the queen they are, I recommend indulging your loved one with our Enchanted Beauty Bouquet!

    If you got mostly B’s...

    You got Lovely Lily! Preferring to stay at home with homemade dinner by the fire, I recommend adoring your loved one with our Valentine's Bundle! 


    If you got mostly C’s...

    You got Luscious Lavender! I recommend our unique Loving Lavender arrangement, because just like this beauty, your s.o. is like no one else..

    If these are on the right track and you want to consider all your options, visit our Valentine's Day Specials page, and be sure to keep checking in with our blog for our top V-Day tips!



    Thanksgiving was first established as an American holiday by President Lincoln in 1863. At that point, and for many years thereafter, the turkey feast itself was considered decoration enough for most holiday tables. Some hosts like to consider their delectable turkey as the centerpiece of their holiday table. Unfortunately, the table looks quite barren once the big bird goes quickly from beautiful to bones at a large family gathering. Make the holiday festive with a  inspired Thanksgiving bouquets, centerpieces, decor and more to brighten your table. Between perfecting your turkey and pies, don't forget the rest of the holiday table. Wow guests with a rustic Thanksgiving table.Whether you are setting a fancy, fun, or frill-free table, we've got you covered.

    A great look for the center of your table is a floral arrangement in a basket.

    A more modern look for your table can be seen in picture below.

    Adding sunflowers is always festive and bright to a bouquet.








    Send a Halloween flower bouquet to scare up a little fun this year. Autumn leaves, orange fall flowers and black vases make the perfect Halloween decoration on the spookiest night of the year.

     This witchy dog arrangement will have everyone howling with delight. It is handcrafted from fresh white carnations and colorful, dried oak leaves. This petal pooch creation comes complete with a black witch's hat, making it a fun git for your Halloween table.

    Smile and say BOO! This Halloween, send ghostly greetings to a favorite friend with a mix of bright blossoms, autumn leaves and more, topped with a wiggly eyed white ghost. You're sure to make a great impression.

    Send a Halloween wreath with a scarecrow, fall leaves and gourds to decorate your front door and welcome all the trick or treaters.
    A pumpkin with fall flowers is a great Halloween gift, an addition to your table or to put by you trick or treat candy bowl!


    What flower represents Hello Sunshine? the magnificent happy yellow sunflower!

    Pacino' Sunflower
    Pacino is a sunflower variety that is small and cheerful.

    Helianthus Annuus is Classic Yellow Sunflower
    Helianthus annuus, or sunflower, is a warm season annual possessing a large flowering head. The sunflower is named after its huge, fiery blooms, whose shape and image is often used to depict the sun.

    Multi Stemmed Sunflowers Have Branching Style
    Branching varieties bear multitudes of cheerful blossoms and dwarfs are colorful to use in the flower garden. Semi dwarfs range from about 4 to 8 feet tall and are multi stemmed or branching. They are primarily bred for cut flowers.

    Double Flowered Cushion Styled Rounded Sunflowers
    Teddy Bear sunflowers produce a soft, fluffy, cushion like flower on shorter bushy plants. Golden yellow fully double 6 inch blooms are well suited for mild borders, containers and bouquets. Ripe heads are attractive to birds.

    Bi Colored Sunflowers Resemble Twirling Pinwheels
    Sunflower Pastiche is a hardy bi color annual in a host of evening sun shades, such as yellows, reds and buff, some with a bright yellow or a deep red disc. These medium sized flower heads make fantastic cut flowers.

    Cream Colored Sunflowers Provide Elegant Border
    A sunflower, Vanilla Ice, bears clusters of light yellow and cream with deep chocolate eyes. Cream colored sunflowers create an elegant border with sunflowers that only reach about 3 feet.

    Earthwalker' Sunflower
    Sunflower 'Earthwalker' features solid and bicolor blooms of rusty earth tones, including orange, mahogany, brown and gold. Multiple side branches on 6 to 9-foot plants guarantee a magnificent display.

    Ms. Mars' Sunflower
    The 'Ms. Mars' sunflower Helianthus annuus has a dwarf, bushy habit that makes it ideal for pots and containers.

    Sunflower 'Goldie'
    'Goldie' sunflowers are plants with multiple branches and huge, cheerful, golden-yellow blooms. Save these 5-foot beauties for the back of garden beds and borders, or use them in a cutting garden. The double-petaled flowers measure 8 to 10 inches across.

    Maximilian Sunflower (Helianthus maximiliani)
    Perennial native sunflowers, such as this Maximilian sunflower that grows up to ten feet tall, were once revered by Incas as icons of their sun god. Their seeds were considered sacred by certain Plains cultures — and still are by many birds — and were left on gravesites to nourish the dead on their way to the Happy Hunting Grounds.

    Species Speak
    The species is like a first name for plants and the genus is like the last name. For the Helianthus annuus, the genus is Helianthus and the species is annuus.

    Who knew there were so many different kinds of happy sunflowers to choose from!









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